Please wear your mask to the table. Once seated you can take your mask off and RELAX…good food is coming!

If you need to use the restroom, please put your mask back on as you walk by neighboring tables.

When it’s time to leave, please put your mask on one last time and exit out our dedicated Barre and Montpelier side exits.

In addition to adhering to Vermont safety guidelines, we have implemented several more safety enhancements to exceed our valued customer’s expectations:

  • “Touch-free” door handles and stainless steel push plates.

  • Safely partitioned booths and tables that give our customers seating flexibility as we strictly adhere to Vermont’s maximum seating policy.

  • Single use restrooms with touch-less hand sinks and hand dryers.

  • Utilizing our fresh outdoor air ventilation system.

Thank you for coming and we hope that all these safety enhancements give you the confidence you need to dine here frequently, just like the good ‘ol days!

       Brian & Karen



–  Enhanced screening of customers entering the restaurant making sure that they are symptom-free and are following Vermont State travel guidelines.

–  Servers will continue to perform “vertical serving and pre-bussing”. No leaning over the tables to serve food or remove plates.

– Servers will continue to process credit card payments at their server terminals. We are also offering a contactless “QR Code” payment option utilizing most cell phones.

–  We partner with ECOLAB, a science certified cleaning industry expert. All surfaces are cleaned with their proprietary peroxide cleaner and disinfectant. Hand sanitizer is readily available.

–  All condiments are served in single use containers. We are also using single use salt and pepper packets.

–  Individually packaged sanitized silverware for customers. We continue to utilize paper placemats for added protection. 

–  The interior entrance door is latched open to maximize fresh air flow every time the entrance or exit doors are opened a blast of fresh air fills the dining room.

–  We are leaving restaurant exhaust fan(s) on from 10 PM to 6 AM to replace all of the restaurant air with fresh outside air.

–  A unique tri-heating system in the dining room. We will deploy all three systems if necessary to keep diners comfortable with all the fresh outdoor air entering the dining room.

–  Our rooftop heaters are equipped with high-grade Merv air filters.

–  We have doubled the number of handwashing sinks for both kitchen and waitstaff personnel.

–  The Wayside hosted a “flu shot clinic” on November 4th, 2020 for all staff.

–  All  bakery orders are available for curbside pick-up only, minimizing customer traffic inside the restaurant.

– We are now routinely performing “electronic disinfection” after we close at night in both the dining room and the kitchen. It evenly coats all types of surfaces for a more complete clean.


Governor Phil Scott announced a welcomed update to the state’s travel quarantine policy. As of February 23, 2021, people who are fully vaccinated and at least 14 days out from their final dose, can travel to AND from Vermont, enjoying “dine-in” at the Wayside without quarantine restrictions. Please be prepared to show your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. For our guests that have NOT met these guidelines we are able to offer VIP Curbside Takeout.

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