A Little Wayside History…

The Wayside Restaurant in 1910 and 2018

                               WAYSIDE 1918                                                                    WAYSIDE 2018


Effie Ballou opened the Wayside. She used to prepare some of the food at her house on the hill and bring it down to her roadside eatery. The house is the only proof that the Wayside was ever so small.


The Fish family operated the restaurant during these years. First, it was Joseph and Amy Fish. In 1954 they turned the spatula over to their son George, aka Roy, and his wife Vivian. Many customers would come in after the dances or an evening at the “Paradise Skating Rink.”


Eugene and Harriet Galfetti purchased The Wayside after operating the local A&W for a few years. We can thank them for the current size and layout of the restaurant as they oversaw a total of 7 additions! They were recognized for their contributions to the hospitality industry by the V.L.R.A. (Vermont Lodging and Restaurant Association).


Karen (Galfetti) Zecchinelli and her husband Brian enjoy being a small part of this remarkable and long history. Their goal is to maintain the tradition of “Value & Variety” so that their loyal patrons can enjoy “Home Cooking Away From Home” for many years to come! They are proud to be recognized as Montpelier’s first “Green Restaurant”.

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