Green Restaurant

Montpelier’s First Green Restaurant

The article below appeared in The Montpelier Bridge on October 4, 2012, and shows a photo of the six solar tube panels that were installed on the back roof of the Wayside to preheat water for the dishmachine. The Wayside is a member of the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership.

Wayside we compost

Montpelier’s first and only Green Restaurant
1873 Route 302, Montpelier
223-6611, ext. 5,
6:30 a.m.–9:30 p.m. daily, closed major holidays

As only the fifth Green Restaurant in the state, the Wayside has implemented many earth-friendly initiatives. Their goal is to stay focused on waste reduction, water and energy conservation, pollution prevention, transportation efficiencies, and to promote sustainability.

Most recently, six evacuated solar tube panels were installed on the back roof of the Wayside. This solar array is dedicated to preheating the water for the dish machine, yielding shiny clean dishes with the help of sunshine!

To further minimize their carbon footprint and maximize transportation efficiencies, the Wayside continues to work closely with local farmers, foragers, seasonal gardeners, fishermen, and business men and women on a daily basis. Thanks to these members of their “extended family,” each season Wayside customers enjoy local dairy products, eggs, meat, potatoes, homemade pasta specialties, parsnips, fiddleheads, rhubarb, corn on the cob, winter squash, freshwater perch and more!

The Wayside was buying local long before it became a trendy marketing slogan. It’s been the key ingredient to their popularity with Vermonters and tourists over the years. The entire staff at the Wayside is thankful for the privilege of cooking and serving their guests locally sourced food items whenever possible.

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